EU proposal to consider natural gas as green energy source will benefit country

The African Energy Chamber (AEC) on Monday praised the European Union’s intention to consider natural gas production as a green energy source, which benefits African producers, namely Mozambique.

“Africa’s call for a just and inclusive energy transition has been answered through the European Union’s landmark proposal to label natural gas as a ‘green’ energy source” reads a statement sent to Lusa, in which the AEC praises Europe for the initiative and says it hopes the United States will follow suit.

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“Historically, Africa has always fought for sustainable development because we know, first-hand, the ravaging effects that even minute changes in climate can have on the continent and its populations. But to develop sustainably, Africa must first industrialize itself. It must have the same opportunities as Europe and other western countries,” the statement, signed by AEC president NJ Ayuk, adds.

Mozambique is poised to become one of the world’s largest producers of natural gas, following investments made by energy companies in recent years in the northern province of Cabo Delgado, even though terrorism in the region has slowed down planned investments.

“The idea of natural gas serving as a transitional source of energy has long been promoted by African nations and therefore CAE commends the European proposal as a historic development that warrants a positive evolutionary outlook for an inclusive energy transition”.

“We have had our disagreements with our European friends, however, there has always been constructive, behind-the-scenes dialogue with European policy makers” NJ Ayuk noted, adding that these discussions ” have been critical in getting us to see eye-to-eye on gas”.

For the head of AEC, “The demonization of Africa’s gas industry needs to stop, and investments need to come into the sector”.

International energy companies, he argued, must focus their investment on further reducing carbon emissions within the gas value chain. as the preferred one to ensure Africa’s industrialisation and, at the same time, environmental awareness.

“Africa faces unique challenges and must be allowed to time its own energy transition according to its own needs. ” he concluded.

The European Commission presented to the 27 member states of the EU bloc at the end of last year a draft green (sustainable) labelling of nuclear and gas power plants to facilitate the financing of facilities that contribute in the fight against climate change.

The document establishes the criteria to classify investments in nuclear or gas power plants for electricity production as “sustainable”, with the aim of directing “green finance” towards activities that contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases.



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