FT Mozambique Summit

Building a Full Economic Recovery

Maputo | 

Following on the previous successful editions, the 2018 Financial Times Mozambique Summit will bring together key ministers, political stakeholders along with local and international business leaders to debate the reforms and solutions that will facilitate growth, transform challenges into opportunities, and diversify the country’s economy.

Source – https://live.ft.com/Events/FT-Mozambique-Summit

Mozambique is now viewed as a ‘two-speed’ economy, showing significant growth in mega projects and extractives, while other sectors struggle to keep up. Despite the promise of potential, there is still much work to be done to ensure a resilient and sustained economy.
The long-term growth prospects for Mozambique remain robust, if efforts continue to address the challenges of bureaucracy, limited basic infrastructures, talent shortages, and a lack of transparency.

The government is seeking to strengthen partnerships with international stakeholders based on common interests – ensuring investments not only contribute to the success of partners, but towards the development of the region. Structural measures to diversify the economy are in place as priorities shift towards key sectors predicted to drive growth and stimulate new business.

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